Gearbox Supplier Chandigarh

Gearbox Supplier Chandigarh

Spuri is a trusted name among gearbox supplier Chandigarh. We manufacture custom design, engineer, and manufacture gearboxes to meet the requirements of your applications. The gearbox is a key component of most drive systems and our expertise in manufacturing top-notch industrial gearboxes is a story of over three decades. Over the years, we have been able to grow and grow as a top-notch industrial gearbox supplier Chandigarh as a result of support from our customers.

What is a gearbox?

A transmission is a machine in a power transmission system, which provides controlled applications or approaches to electricity. Often the term 5-speed transmission simply mentions the gearbox, which uses gears to provide speed and torque conversion from one rotating power source to another device.

The most common use is in motor vehicles, where the transmission increases the output of the internal combustion engine to the drive wheels. Such engines are required to operate at relatively high rotational speeds, which is inappropriate for starting, stopping, and slow travel. The transmission reduces high engine speeds to slow wheel speeds, increasing torque in the process. Transmissions are also used on paddle bicycles, fixed machines, and where different rotational speeds and tor are optimized.

Why choose us?

The factory has continuously adopted innovation to provide an excellent level of excellence, and we are providing complete and exclusive solutions to every one of our valued customers.

Experienced Workers:

Our all workers are well trained and highly professional.

Productive Team Work:

We can be strong as individuals but together we are unbeatable.

Insure and Authorize:

Spuri approved by the government and all licenses are available.

Over the years, we have been able to grow and thrive as a top-notch industrial gearbox supplier, as a result of support from our customers in the country and beyond. Are you looking for a reliable gearbox supplier in India? If so, your search ends with us. We come up with high quality, precision-engineered parallel helical gearbox suitable for any configuration. Increase torque, bring down or accelerate, reverse or change the direction of the driveshaft of your industrial solutions with Gearbox products.

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